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About Us

The Downtown Stockton Alliance (DSA) is a public/private partnership uniting almost 1,000 property owners and downtown businesses. The non-profit DSA was incorporated in 1996 as a 501(c)(6) corporation and officially began operations in 1998. Funded by a Property Based Improvement District (PBID) which allows property owners to self-assess on properties and a Business Improvement District (BID) allowing business owners to self-assess their businesses, the Downtown Stockton District was voted into creation in 1997, renewed for a second five-year period in 2002, next for a ten-year period in 2007, and most recently in 2017 for another ten-year period until 2027. Downtown Stockton Alliance (DSA) focuses in five critical areas as determined by the Downtown Management District Plan: Maintenance, Safety, Public Policies, Economic Development, and Marketing. Read the Management Plan below.

Learn About Downtown Stockton PBID

View the Downtown Stockton PBID info packet Read the full press release announcing the PBID re-certification in 2017 Since 1997, the Downtown Stockton Property Based Business Improvement District (PBID) has been the collective voice of the property and business owners, residents and advocates who strive to make our Downtown Stockton District a cleaner, safer, more attractive, vibrant and desirable place to work, do business, and play. The Downtown Stockton PBID was renewed for another 10 years on July 25, 2017. 82% of the ballots returned by downtown property owners were in favor of the re-certification of the PBID. DSA staff and the Board of Directors are looking forward to continue providing excellent service, with an eye towards constant improvement! The non-profit Downtown Stockton Alliance (DSA) is funded by PBID through investments from public and private landowners collected through the assessment district. DSA carries out a wide array of responsibilities and services in areas of maintenance, hospitality, economic development and marketing. Each of these services is aimed at improving the urban district by encouraging investment, marketing local business, and restoring downtown as the “heart of the city.” The Downtown Stockton PBID is your money invested in maintaining and enhancing the Downtown District. DSA is a 501.c6 organization overseen by a board of directors composed of your peer district property and business owners, and strategic partners. PBID funds are spent directly on maintenance, hospitality, marketing, special events, and economic development programs defined in the approved Management Plan. The Management Plan guides our activities supported by a work plan and annual budget approved by the Board of Directors. The PBID‘s CEO and staff implement the Management Plan with support of volunteer and Board committees.

Learn About Clean & Safe

Clean and Safe services are always at the top of our list of priorities for the Downtown Stockton District. The Maintenance Team removes trash, debris and graffiti off the streets and sidewalks within 75 downtown blocks. The new Big Belly solar trash compactors and recycling centers have been installed in the Janet Leigh Plaza. To keep Downtown sparkling, we also power wash sidewalks and urban plazas. DSA staff works closely with Stockton PD who meet regularly with our Clean & Safe Committee providing statistics and information on crime in Downtown. DSA contracts with Delta Protective Services to provide additional security patrols on the streets of downtown during evening hours.   The Downtown Ambassador Team acts as “eyes and ears” of Downtown reporting back on any problematic situations and providing hospitality services to local employees and visitors. They regularly reach out to downtown business and property owners, distribute information about downtown happenings, lead downtown historic tours, and assist with special events. Our Volunteer Ambassador Program allows community members to get involved and contribute to the downtown revitalization. View the Downtown Stockton Volunteer Ambassadors brochure and form.

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Property Owner FAQ

Property Owner FAQ View the Downtown Stockton PBID 2017  info packet Thank you for renewing the Downtown Stockton PBID for another 10 years. Read the full press release announcing the PBID re-certification in 2017. Q: I know I pay taxes, but I have never heard of the Downtown Stockton Alliance PBID; is this new? A: No. The Downtown Stockton Alliance (DSA) was first formed in 1997. We are already a line item on your property tax bill (view a sample bill here). DSA exists directly because of the assessments paid through this PBID. Q: My building is located on the edge of the Downtown District; does my assessment differ from my neighbors’ whose properties are closer to the City Center? A: Yes! The District is divided into 3 zones. Each receives a different level of services, and thus pays a different amount per square foot. View the Downtown District map here. Q: Is DSA a branch of the City of Stockton? A: No. We are a non-profit funded through your assessments. We work closely with the City of Stockton and other Downtown entities, but we are not the City of Stockton and do not have the same responsibilities/jurisdiction as the City of Stockton. Q: My sidewalk/light pole/street sign/road/parking lot is damaged and needs repair, does DSA fix these things? A: No. These all fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Stockton. “Ask Stockton” is a great City resource to use if you are experiencing these types of problems. Q: Someone has left garbage/excrement/waste/debris on my sidewalk, will DSA pick it up? A: Yes! We have a maintenance crew which circulates in Zone 1 and Zone 2 daily (view the Downtown District map), but if there has been a special occurrence, please call 209-464-5246 and we will be sure to get to this type of problem within 24 hours. If the issue is too large for us to handle, we may call the City for assistance. Q: There is graffiti on my street-facing wall/sidewalk/light post/street sign, will DSA take care of it? A: Yes! If you have an issue like this, please call 209-464-5246 and we will remove the graffiti using our graffiti wipes or another cleaning solution. If you have the correct color paint for the surface, we will coordinate with you to use that paint to cover it. Q: The weeds on my sidewalk are overgrown, will DSA take care of it? A: Yes! If you notice weeds growing on your sidewalk, please call 209-464-5246 and we will schedule the weed removal within 72 hours. We do not remove weeds inside of parking lots, etc. This is the private property owner’s responsibility. Q: Does DSA do any power washing? A: DSA has a small power washer which our maintenance team uses for spot-treating special sidewalk incidents. If you need a spot-treatment due to a food spill/excrement or a similar issue, please call 209-464-5246. We also have 2 powerwashing crews that cycle through Zones 1 & 2 on the schedule visible here. Q: Does DSA charge fees for clean-up, waste removal, or weed removal? A: No. All Downtown property owners already pay an assessment on their tax bill which covers these types of services. You will never be asked to pay an additional fee on top of your assessment.

Rent Event Equipment

Downtown Stockton Alliance (DSA) provides equipment rental services to the community at reasonable price-points. Equipment is available to the general public, businesses, and non-profit organizations for events within Downtown District. The cost of all equipment rentals is $75.00 ($50.00 for non-profits) for pick-up/drop-off service. Print and fill out the form under the link below and submit it via email to clowry@downtownstockton.org. Call 209-464-5246 with questions. Download the DSA Equipment Rental Form


To promote business, housing, arts and entertainment to help create a vibrant, sustainable, urban community in Downtown Stockton.


The DSA is guided by a management plan that provides for a comprehensive downtown maintenance program, an increased focus on business recruitment and retention, and enhanced marketing efforts to support developing retail and housing.