Spirits of Downtown

Are you ready to experience the SPIRITS OF DOWNTOWN? Maybe you’ve heard the stories about the spirits that reside in downtown’s historic buildings, or maybe you haven’t…yet.

In October 2020, we released our Spirits of Downtown series, where we filmed paranormal investigations of the B&M Building, a former downtown thrift store, the Bob Hope Theater, and Hotel Stockton in hopes of finding evidence of paranormal activity. What do we find? There’s only one way to find out: sit back, relax, and get ready for a hauntingly good time. ?

Episode 1: The B&M Building

Armed with their ghost-hunting equipment, local paranormal investigators Kelly Howard, Robert Ballerini, Ryan Ayers, Aaron McDowell, and Matthew Godfrey explore the historic B&M Building in search of paranormal activity in the building.

Listen to eyewitness accounts from the employees in the B&M Building as they describe their spiritual encounters, and watch as the paranormal team work to communicate with lingering spirits. Are they successful?

What do you believe?

Episode 2: The Thrift Shop

Thrift shop owner Ruben Cepeda vividly recounts his paranormal experiences in the building and explains why some are too fearful to enter the premises.

Our team of paranormal investigators use their equipment in attempts to capture paranormal evidence. This time, photos taken during the investigation yield some interesting results…

What do you believe?

Episode 3: The Bob Hope Theater

Paranormal investigators Kelly Howard, Robert Ballerini, Amanda Smith, and Sam Smith visit the historic Bob Hope Theater to investigate claims that the old building is haunted. Will their ghost-hunting equipment allow them to communicate with spirits?

From reports of various cold spots in the theater to witnesses recounting real-life ghostly encounters, it seems like these spirits might be trying to steal the spotlight….

Episode 4: Hotel Stockton

The final installment of the first season of our mini-series follows our paranormal team as they investigate the historic Hotel Stockton in search of spirits who have never checked out.

Watch as their ghost-hunting equipment seems to pick up instances of paranormal energy on different floors of the old hotel. Is this evidence of a ghostly pianist in the ballroom, or of a vengeful spirit on the fourth floor?

What do you believe?

Episode 5: Mansion House

Paranormal investigators Kelly Howard, Robert Ballerini, Aaron McDowell, and Matthew Godfrey are back for the first episode of a new season! Join them as they conduct a paranormal investigation of the Mansion House with newcomers Tiffinae Luke and Devon Langan.

Watch the team search the upper floors where they appear to encounter a distressed spirit, a sinister spirit, and a few playful spirits wandering the halls…

What do you believe?

Episode 6: The Masonic Temple

Welcome to the Masonic Temple, Morning Star Lodge #19, in Downtown Stockton. Follow tour guide John Baker with local paranormal investigators (Kelly Howard & Robert Ballerini) as they search for residual haunts throughout the building…

What do you believe?