Property Owner FAQ

View the Downtown Stockton PBID 2017 info packet

Thank you for renewing the Downtown Stockton PBID for another 10 years!

Read the full press release announcing the PBID re-certification in 2017.


Q: I know I pay taxes, but I have never heard of the Downtown Stockton Alliance PBID. Is this new?

A: No. The Downtown Stockton Alliance (DSA) was first formed in 1997.

We are a line item on your property tax bill (view a sample bill here). DSA exists directly because of the assessments paid through this PBID.

Q: My building is located on the edge of the Downtown District; does my assessment differ from my neighbors’ whose properties are closer to the City Center?

A: Yes! The District is divided into 3 zones.

Each receives a different level of services, and thus pays a different amount per square foot (View the Downtown District map).

Q: Is DSA a branch of the City of Stockton?

A: No. We are a non-profit funded through your assessments.

We work closely with the City of Stockton and other Downtown entities, but we are not the City of Stockton and do not have the same responsibilities/jurisdiction as the City of Stockton.

Q: My sidewalk/light pole/street sign/road/parking lot is damaged and needs repair, does DSA fix these things?

A: No. These all fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Stockton.

Ask Stockton” is a great City resource to use if you are experiencing these types of problems.

Q: Someone has left garbage/excrement/waste/debris on my sidewalk, will DSA pick it up?

A: Yes! We have a maintenance crew which circulates in Zone 1 and Zone 2 daily (view the Downtown District map), but if there has been a special occurrence, please call 209-464-5246 and we will be sure to get to this type of problem within 24 hours.

If the issue is too large for us to handle, we may call the City for assistance.

Q: There is graffiti on my street-facing wall/sidewalk/light post/street sign, will DSA take care of it?

A: Yes! If you have an issue like this, please call 209-464-5246 and we will remove the graffiti using our graffiti wipes or another cleaning solution.

If you have the correct color paint for the surface, we will coordinate with you to use that paint to cover it.

Q: The weeds on my sidewalk are overgrown, will DSA take care of it?

A: Yes! If you notice weeds growing on your sidewalk, please call 209-464-5246 and we will schedule the weed removal within 72 hours.

We do not remove weeds inside of parking lots, etc. This is the private property owner’s responsibility.

Q: Does DSA do any power washing?

A: Yes! DSA has a small power washer which our maintenance team uses for spot-treating special sidewalk incidents.

If you need a spot-treatment due to a food spill/excrement or a similar issue, please call 209-464-5246.

We also have 2 sidewalk powerwashing crews that cycle through Zones 1 & 2 (view the Downtown District map) on the schedule visible here.

Q: Does DSA charge fees for clean-up, waste removal, or weed removal?

A: No, not for Zones 1 & 2 (view the Downtown district map). Downtown property owners in these zones already pay an assessment on their tax bill which covers these types of services.