Vlog Series

  • Vlog Series: New Year, New Vlog
    By Ben Sanchez This year, we brought Matt Amen to take part in our vlog series for a unique perspective of life in downtown Stockton. I…READ MORE
  • Vlog Series: Alternate Endings
    By Ben Sanchez When we originally started wrapping up our fourth episode of the vlog, we wanted to have an ending with Renee…READ MORE
  • Vlog Series: Special Delivery
    By Ben Sanchez Throughout our adventures in downtown Stockton, we prepare to meet entrepreneurs opening their doors on a Friday afternoon. This Friday…READ MORE
  • Vlog Series: Sayonara
    By Ben Sanchez As the season changes, the leaves flutter in the wind across downtown Stockton. The air surrounding us shifts as we move in a different…READ MORE
  • Vlog Series: Explore Possibilities
    By Ben Sanchez When I initially thought about presenting the idea about a vlog for marketing, I needed to develop a style on how to highlight multiple…READ MORE