Downtown Stockton Window Wrap Program

About the Downtown Stockton Window Wrap Program

Through SJC ARPA funding, the Downtown Stockton Alliance is offering to pay for window wraps to fill vacant window spaces or business windows in Downtown Stockton!


  • Max of $2,500 available per business
  • The window to be wrapped must be on a property in the Downtown Stockton PBID Boundary
  • The property must be a commercial property
  • Designs containing tobacco, alcohol, or cannabis are not eligible
  • The DSA must approve the wrap design
  • If the design contains intellectual property from a business/supplier other than your own, you must provide proof of an intellectual property contract with that business
  • Program is on a first-come, first-served basis while funding lasts


  • Submit application, specifying size of window and desired design
  • DSA must approve the wrap design – DSA will work with you on the design of the wrap if needed
  • DSA will work with the wrap company to get a quote
  • Business owner will sign a contract with the DSA
  • DSA will order the wrap and manage the installation in coordination with the business owner
  • Any amount over $2,500 will be the responsibility of the business owner