Takeout Tuesday: Nash and Tender

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How well can you handle spice? If your answer is not well at all, EXTREMELY well, or anywhere in between, then you’ve got to try Nash and Tender (if you haven’t already)! Known for their delicious hot chicken, you can choose varying levels of heat all the way up to “XTRA HOT” and “STUPID HOT” (but you’ll need to sign a waiver for the latter). Don’t forget to add a side of their seasoned fries for a match made in heaven!

Skip the line and wait by placing an online order through Clover, or stay in your PJs and place a delivery order through DoorDash or Postmates. To stay updated on specials and news, visit the Nash and Tender website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

LOCATION: 222 N. El Dorado Street
OPEN: Mon-Fri, 10am-8pm & Sat-Sun, 11am-8pm