My First Stockton Kings Game

By Alvin Cho

On April 4th, I went to see a Stockton Kings play-off game against the Santa Cruz Warriors, that started at 7:00 PM. There was plenty of parking nearby, so it was easy to park in Fremont East Lot, which has a clear view of the freshly updated Stockton Kings crosswalk mural.

As soon as I entered the Adventist Health Area, the home of the Stockton Kings, I was given a free T-shirt with the Stockton Kings logo on it. The arena was a bit smaller than a regular NBA arena, but thanks to that, I could see the players and the game closer. The person I was with said that you can buy seats right next to the court at an affordable price.

Various performances for the audience were held during the game; during a few of them, the audience could participate directly on the court to win prizes. The best performers were the athletic Stockton Kings dancers.

The end of the game was the most exciting, with everyone yelling and cheering for the home team’s victory. Fortunately, the Kings took the win, 112-109! They are officially moving forward in the G-League play-offs.

For those who find the price of attending NBA games burdensome, or who are eager for a close-up view of competitive basketball players, coming to Stockton’s Adventist Health Arena is a great option. The next Kings play-off game is happening this Sunday, April 7th, @ 6:00 PM. Be sure to buy your tickets below! To learn more about the Stockton Kings, check out our recent Talk to Downtown interview with Aaron Morales, VP – Business Operations, Stockton Kings.

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