Galvez Dental

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By Andrew Rocha

If you’ve been in downtown Stockton for a long time, you may have heard of Galvez Dental, located at 123 South Commerce Street, Suite C! Their office is open on Monday-Wednesday and Friday from 9am-6pm, and Thursdays from 10am-7pm. In order to accommodate their patients’ schedules, Galvez Dental is also willing to book appointments on Saturdays!  

Serving Downtown

Dr. Jose Galvez and Dra. Corazon Galvez founded Galvez Dental 40 years ago and have been serving patients and their families for generations. Unfortunately, Dr. Jose Galvez passed away and Dra. Corazon Galvez is now retired, but their children continue the family dental practice. Today, Dr. Bernard Galvez and his wife Dr. Christina Galvez are still working hard and improving care for their patients. It’s truly a family business that is passionate about dentistry and making an impact in the downtown Stockton community!

Most of the patients who have been going to Galvez Dental for years will refer their friends and families to the office, giving Galvez Dental a positive reputation that precedes them. As Galvez Dental has been engaging more with downtown Stockton through social media and community events, their name is spreading even farther beyond Stockton to French Camp and Modesto. 


Whatever care your teeth need, Galvez Dental is available to help. From regular dental exams and cleanings, to cosmetic dentistry, or orthodontic treatment, Galvez Dental will be sure to take care of you! They’re also happy and willing to accommodate patients’ time and insurance situations. They have a special offer for new patients that as long as you are free of gum disease, you can get your first cleaning and set of x-rays for only $99. Galvez Dental is interested in making sure that your teeth get the best care at an affordable cost.

So if it’s been awhile since you’ve visited a dentist or have been looking for a dental office that you can trust, Galvez Dental is worth checking out! They are dedicated to the downtown Stockton community and have a real passion for their patients. They’ve been in downtown Stockton for generations and have only been improving their care every day. For more information, visit their website,