Classic Movie: GHOST

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Feb 06 2022


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Ghostis a 1990 Americanromantic fantasy ( )thriller film ( )directed byJerry Zucker ( )from a screenplay byBruce Joel Rubin ( ), and starringPatrick Swayze ( ),Demi Moore ( ),Whoopi Goldberg ( ),Tony Goldwyn ( ),Vincent Schiavelli ( )andRick Aviles ( ).[3] ( )The plot centers on Sam Wheat (Swayze), a murdered banker whoseghost ( )sets out to save his girlfriend, Molly Jensen (Moore) from the person who killed him – through the help of the psychic Oda Mae Brown (Goldberg).
Ghostwas theatrically released on July 13, 1990, to commercial success, grossing $505 million against a budget of $22 million and emerging as thehighest-grossing film of 1990 ( )and at the time of its release, was thethird-highest-grossing film of all time ( ). The film received positive reviews from critics, with particular praise going towards the score and performances of the cast (particularly Goldberg’s).Ghostearned five nominations at the63rd Academy Awards ( ):Best Picture ( ),Best Original Score ( ),Best Film Editing ( ), and winningBest Supporting Actress ( )(for Goldberg) andBest Original Screenplay ( ).
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