Downtown Banners

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By Andrew Rocha

Whether they are working hard or hanging out and having fun, people love downtown Stockton and are proud of the progress the district makes every single day. It’s easy to notice the sense of the pride the district has by walking around and seeing banners posted along the streets, letting everyone know that they are in downtown Stockton.

Many are probably already familiar with the All-American City Award banners around the Stockton Town Hall. An award that Stockton has received several times and is an award given by the National Civic League that is the oldest community recognition program in the United States. There are also the banners along El Dorado Street that highlight Stockton’s sports teams such as: the Stockton Ports, Stockton Heat, and the Stockton Kings. These serve as a reminder to everyone that this is a city with a sports legacy and culture, which is an integral part of downtown Stockton. 

Creating a Downtown Brand

New Downtown Stockton Banners went up before the end of 2018 along Weber Avenue catching everyone’s attention with a light blue, dark teal, and unique logo. The banners aim to create a brand that identifies the downtown district. It is something that everyone and every business downtown can associate with themselves. In fact, the light blue, Downtown Stockton logo on the banners can be used by any local business or organization that is interested. It is a brand for anyone who loves downtown Stockton. 

And the new banners are definitely a welcome addition by the community. “Since we’ve come back from holiday, I’ve had at least ten to twelve people say they’re amazing. They really pop and show pride for downtown.” said Mike Huber, the executive director of the Downtown Stockton Alliance, “I’ve had a lot of citizens tell me that they like the sports banners being up and the designs on those. They show that we’re a major sports city.” 

Matt Amen, executive director of Huddle Cowork + Create, shared a similar sentiment, “The new banners along the Weber corridor bring more color and life to Downtown Stockton! Looking forward to seeing more businesses represented on these throughout the district.”  

Not only is downtown Stockton a district that is making great strides in business and creativity, but it’s outward appearance is reflecting those efforts. It is a great place to live and work and the banners let anyone who visits know immediately that people take pride in downtown Stockton and want everyone to know it. 

DSA Banner Program

The Downtown Stockton Alliance’s banners are just one method to liven up the area with color! But it’s not just for the DSA and the sports teams! If you are a downtown businesses and/or organization and would like your own banner displayed within the district, we’ve put together a short summary on how to apply for your own banner!

  • Choose how many banners you want to purchase
  • Choose the banner sizes
  • Choose the banner locations 
  • Sign a 3-yr. contract with the DSA for the leasing of the poles and pay the annual fee
  • Send DSA artwork to be printed on the banners (or work with DSA to design the artwork if needed) 
  • Approve the digital banner proof
  • Watch the banners go up!

For the complete, detailed list of steps to follow, visit our website at