Creative Scene in Downtown

Downtown is becoming a creative and artistic center of Stockton. With its historic architecture, gritty yet uniquely attractive spaces and affordable real estate, downtown is attracting more and more creative types from within the city and as far as Bay Area. See art happening on the walls and sidewalks of the "Brick City!"

Postcards From Stockton

Downtown Stockton Alliance implemented this outdoor art program which installs large scale murals on blank walls in Downtown Stockton. The murals are designed as vintage postcards from Stockton with themes focusing on local diversity and history as well as seasonal holidays.


Music To Our Ears

Music To Our Ears is a community piano and visual arts program curated by the Downtown Stockton Alliance. The instruments used in the program are donated to DSA who pairs them up with local artists to be decorated, and then places them in public spaces around downtown.


Art On Utility Boxes

This art program was initiated by Downtown Stockton Alliance in partnership with The Stockton Mural Art Resource Team (SMART) to engage local art students and decorate unsightly utility boxes with vibrant murals in high visibility locations throughout downtown.


Public Art

Public Art is present downtown wherever you go: on sidewalks, inside buildings, in the squares and plazas. From brass inlays in the sidewalks, to ornate tree grates and murals on buildings, the downtown features a wide variety of styles and artistic vision.


Art District

The State of California has authorized arts and cultural district designation for local communities. Stockton is pursuing this opportunity with expectation of applying for an arts district designation. The San Joaquin County and many local community collaborators are currently working on bringing back the county-wide arts council.


Art Spaces

Temporary or permanent galleries, artist studios, and pop-up street art are always present in Downtown Stockton. Explore here where you can find artistic exhibitions and art in action in the historic heart of Stockton.