UNIQO: A Unique Salon in Downtown Stockton

UNIQO is a beautiful, modern salon located at 36 N. California Street in one of Downtown Stockton’s historic buildings. This month, we sat down and spoke with Patty Ayala, the successful owner of UNIQO, to learn more about her, UNIQO, and how this gorgeous salon found its way to calling Downtown Stockton home. 

Meet Patty Ayala! 

Rosa Patricia “Patty” Ayala is the talented and creative owner of UNIQO Salon. Born and raised in Mexico, her passion for hairdressing ignited within her at an early age as she watched her mother work her hairdressing magic in her salon. It was then that Patty, “started playing in my mom’s shop — playing with hair.” She cherished having a creative space, and soon also found a love for fashion and photoshoots. Later in her life, she and her family decided to move to the United States, where Patty, “pursued my passion, which was hairdressing.”

After settling in Stockton, Patty attended Marinello School of Beauty, which was located in Downtown Stockton’s Waterfront Warehouse at the time. Her affinity for the business side of hairdressing made her determined to own her own salon in the future. After graduating from Beauty School, she worked in several salons and even went on to receive an advanced education. Patty traveled to places like New York and London and was, “getting taught by people and companies I [she] looked up to.” Impressively, her journey didn’t stop there — she also worked for several hair companies and as an instructor before opening UNIQO.

The Message Behind Uniqo

Since Patty believes that it’s “important to represent who I am and where I come from,” it isn’t surprising that UNIQO’s name is inspired by the word único, which is the word for “unique” in Spanish. But wait, there’s more to the name! Patty explains that the “U” in UNIQO is a reminder that the entire experience is catered to “U” – the guest, the community, and the stylist. This is why she and her team work hard to ensure a welcoming, relaxing environment in their beautiful, modern space where customer service is the number one priority.

What makes this hair salon so unique? Patty confidently answers, “because we challenge the status quo.” She continues, “it’s a hair experience [and] self care is so important.” (Fun fact: UNIQO is also known for their signature hair massage for every client!) Not only does Patty and her team offer the best experience for every client that walks through their doors, but Patty also truly cares for her team, too. She works to create an environment that helps to cultivate careers in hairdressing and develop professionals in the field.

Why Downtown Stockton?

Despite traveling around the world and amassing substantial experience in the hair and beauty industry, Patty decided to open her salon in her hometown: Stockton. After being inspired by the new, trendy businesses that were opening in the downtown area, she thought to herself, “how can I create something different in my hometown?” After working up the courage to meet with Ten Space, Patty “took a leap of faith and took my dream to Downtown Stockton.” Patty’s search took her to 36 N. California Street, the location of a beautifully historic and spacious building. Since October of 2017, the gorgeous space has been home to UNIQO.

Patty’s Experience As A Downtown Business Owner

Patty has high praise for Downtown Stockton as she enthusiastically shares, “[its] been an amazing experience because there are so many cool, young entrepreneur business owners in downtown,” and, “the energy that flows here is incredible!” Before the pandemic affected businesses last year in 2020, Patty remembers the liveliness of downtown, from students and city employees walking around to busy restaurants. She also appreciates the supportive network that exists between downtown business owners and says she’s made, “amazing relationships with people here.”

Patty has an important message for business owners, creatives, and artists: “believe in the city and take the risk to create your dreams in Downtown Stockton!” She wants to encourage prospective business owners to become part of the downtown community, because it’s the “perfect location” and there’s “zero competition” since, “businesses are very supportive with each other.” She continues, “Stockton has so much potential — but people and artists leave the city. Let’s keep the talent in Stockton!”

How Can We Support Uniqo?

The pandemic greatly affected businesses, and UNIQO was no exception. For the first time since their opening, they had to close down for most of 2020 — so they had to get creative! They now sell professional, high-quality hair care products and gift cards. Patty is currently using her creativity and eye for fashion to design tote bags and merch so you can, “support by buying! [It’s a] good time to support small businesses!”

With their recent reopening, the best way to support UNIQO is by booking an appointment to get your hair styled, colored, or cut! If you’re not sure what you’d like done, you can even book a hair consultation. Rest assured, the UNIQO team is well versed in the latest hair trends and offer specialties from hair extensions, color corrections, blowouts, barbering and curly hair. if you haven’t visited the salon yet, now’s your chance! The chic, modern interior, filled by the natural light filtering in through the large windows is the perfect setting for your next hair appointment. Oh, and did we mention the relaxing ambiance and friendly team awaiting you?

Book your appointment today and get social with UNIQO! Find them on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn.

UNIQO owner Patty Ayala discussing a hair style with a client
Some of UNIQO’s beautiful interior