The Freckled Moon: A Shop of Small Treasures

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Imagine: you’re in Downtown Stockton, and you stumble across a charming shop. One step through its doors and you’re met with a cheerful greeting and a plethora of shining trinkets, vibrant greenery in clay pots, stunning jewelry, and pleasantly-scented candles— amongst other treasures displayed on the shop’s shelves. As you browse, you feel the rays of sunshine that are filtering through the large, front windows. Where are you? None other than The Freckled Moon, a shop of unique gifts and baubles located at 219 E. Weber Ave.

The Freckled Moon is undoubtedly one of the most unique, art-centered shops you can find in the city. We first introduced them to you on our blog back in 2018, when they first opened their shop downtown. Now, three years later, we decided to pop back in and see how this lovely shop was doing. 

A Family of Creatives Own the Freckled Moon 

Marie Pease and her daughters, Raven and Aria, have always lived in California (Marie was born in Modesto and later lived in Riverbank), but the family didn’t move to Stockton until 2000. After selling art at events such as the Stockmarket, they decided to open their own brick and mortar in Downtown Stockton during 2018.

Marie loves to create and proves it in her passion and versatility for the arts. She creates macrame pieces, dream catchers, and curates crystals and spiritual-type items. Even though she has tried her hand at so many different kinds of art, she enthusiastically shares, “I love to learn new things!” To add to her current list of skills, she’s also learning embroidering and plans to dabble in pottery in the near future. 

The art and creativity genes definitely passed onto Raven and Aria, as they are also creators and help Marie run The Freckled Moon. This, “eclectic gathering of unique items and handmade items,” not only features the family’s creations, but they also source many of their items, such as handmade soaps and lotions, from local artists. How cool is it to not only support a local shop, but to support a variety of local artists?

The Journey So Far  

Marie tells us that she, “really love[s] Downtown Stockton!” She especially enjoys the historic and beautiful architecture found downtown and the, “great businesses down here.” A few of her favorites include: Cast Iron Trading Co,. Empresso Coffeehouse, and The Golden Rose Barbershop Co. She admits that foot traffic, particularly during the time of the pandemic, hasn’t been as heavy as she would have liked. Fortunately, she says that she’s started to see this changing, and hopes to see a steady increase over time.

How to Support the Moon 

How can we support the Freckled Moon? “Shop! Visit us!” Marie suggests with a smile. Times are undeniably tough during the pandemic, so out of convenience for their customers, The Freckled Moon also offers curbside pickup and local delivery. The best way to reach them and set this up is through direct message on Instagram. There, you can “DM us anytime!” And Marie will be more than happy to help you out! Even if you can’t pick up some new items for yourself at this time, you can still support this family-owned local business by sharing their posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow The Freckled Moon on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to see their newest products and stay up to date on the latest news of collaborations or events. They hope to see you soon!