The Beauty Base, A New Downtown Business Ready To Make You Feel Beautiful

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There are many things that await you in Downtown Stockton: a stunning new hairstyle, a vibrant plant, an intricate tattoo, and a delicious meal, to name a few. Now, with the addition of The Beauty Base, a new esthetic shop nestled in Suite G on 222 N. El Dorado Street, there’s a new reason to visit downtown: facials! With the adamant belief that, “your natural features are your best features,” The Beauty Base is ready to help you enhance your natural looks through skin, body, and waxing treatments.

Meet Owner Natalie Navarro

At only 21 years old, Natalie Navarro is one of the youngest entrepreneurs to own a brick and mortar business in Downtown Stockton. Despite her age, Natalie has amassed significant experience and training in the field of esthetics. She previously worked as a licensed lash artist, took extensive classes with Dermologica to become an expert with their brand and products, and became licensed as an esthetician in summer of last year after graduating from Paul Mitchell Beauty School in Modesto, California. Natalie shares, “before I became licensed, I always had thoughts of becoming an esthetician but was afraid of spending so much money on something I thought would’ve been just a hobby. But I took that risk and went after being a student at Delta College for two years.” 

After working with different beauty-focused companies like Amazing Lash and being home-based for a period of time, Natalie decided to expand her services to skin treatments and waxing. She received offers to work with other companies, but said they, “never felt right.” Instead, she decided to take the plunge and open her very own brick and mortar. Natalie’s genuine passion and dedication for esthetics shines through as she describes The Beauty Base, and even with her prior experience, she is adamant about, “working to further my education about skin whenever I have the chance to.”

Why Downtown Stockton?

After she decided to open her own shop, Natalie immediately knew she wanted to stay local—after all, she was born and raised in Stockton and lovingly shares that, “Stockton is home.” She adds, “being downtown was a bonus!” While hunting for the perfect home for The Beauty Base, she came across the available space on El Dorado Street and, “instantly fell in love and got the space immediately afterwards. After that I had a blank canvas to work with and I just love how everything came out. I look forward to work every single day and I can’t wait for what’s to come in the future for The Beauty Base!” 

The Downtown area is also very nostalgic for Natalie. She fondly recalls visiting the downtown movie theater with her family while growing up and says, “I would have never thought that I’d have a place over here.” When it comes to the downtown community, she shares, “I just love it. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.” In October of 2020, the The Beauty Base officially opened its doors!

What Makes Beauty Base Unique?

Not only is The Beauty Base the only esthetics shop in the area, but there are several features that make this particular esthetics shop unique. Along with typical treatments like body/face waxing and facials, Beauty Base also offers Vajacials, which is a Brazilian wax followed by a soothing skin treatment for the area. Natalie shares that many clients have expressed their surprise and delight for this treatment, and that its one of the most popular services they offer.

Additionally, services are very tailored to clients based on their specific needs. Since many clients tend to be unsure about which treatments would work best for them, The Beauty Base will, “formulate a [specific] treatment,” based on their hair and skin type. For instance, The Beauty Base offers various types of wax—some are better for coarse hair, and some are better for fine hair. By offering tailored sessions lasting 30 or 60 minutes, the The Beauty Base eliminates any potential uncertainty and gives clients the best treatment possible. Learn more about their services on their website

Esthetic shops tend to have more female clients, but don’t be shy, men! The Beauty Base is ready to welcome you with open arms for brow waxing, or any other service you’d like!

Favorite Places Downtown to Grab a Bite and a Coffee?

“I’m not biased!” Natalie says with a laugh as she shares that her favorite places to eat and grab coffee are right around the corner from her new shop, just a short walking distance away. Nash + Tender is a favorite for her and her boyfriend, and they find themselves visiting the hot chicken joint, “like crazy,” (we don’t blame them!). Empresso Coffeehouse is their favorite place to get coffee, to the point where it, “feels weird not going there” in the mornings.

Natalie adds that she’s looking forward to trying more eateries downtown, and notes that many of her customers have recommended Misaki to her – luckily, that’s also a short walk away!

Make sure to follow The Beauty Base on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on specials, services, and to join in on any giveaways they may have in the future. Oh, and don’t forget to visit their website to book your next appointment—gotta look fresh for the holidays!