Regal Office Spaces at Cort Tower

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By Courtney Wood, Economic Development Coordinator

The historic Cort Tower at 343 Main Street is one of the most recognized landmarks in Downtown Stockton. This statuesque building was originally constructed in 1915 and housed the Commercial & Savings Bank. To this day, if visitors look left upon entering the building, they will catch a glimpse of the palatial marble staircase leading down to the former bank’s vaults.

As the second skyscraper ever built in Stockton, Cort Tower is akin to a dependable, well-uniformed downtown sentinel. From its highest floors, tenants and visitors can take in eye-popping views of Stockton’s historic district from every direction.

Although the brick building suffered a fire in 1923, it was subsequently rebuilt to double the size of the original structure. This is why the tower seems narrow when viewed from Main Street, but elongated when viewed from Sutter Street.

From the intricately designed entryway to the high-ceiling ground floor lobby, the leather-seated conference room, and the antique mail chute, this edifice projects quiet elegance and stately professionalism. Throughout its ten floors, Cort Tower harbors abundant office spaces of varying sizes. The Write Place, Third City Coalition, and Cort Companies are just a few notable existing tenants. The building also harbors a substantial number of legal professionals. Perks of being a tenant include access to the shared exercise room, conference room, secure codes required for visitor entry, and a smartphone app which allows you to view visitors. View a video of the Tower here.

At the time of this blog entry, there were 13 offices for lease available at a competitive lease rate of $11.40 per square foot PER YEAR. If you are seeking a space which will radiate competence and assurance to your clients or customers, Cort Tower may be the ideal office location for you! For more information, contact Mahala Burns at 209-235-5321 or visit the Cort Companies website.