Red’s Coffee

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You know that when you wake up on a Monday morning, you just need a cup of coffee to get you through the day. In fact, you probably need a cup of coffee everyday before diving into the hustle and bustle of life and work. In Downtown Stockton, there are a lot of hard working people and they have plenty of places to choose from when they need their coffee. One of those places is Red’s Coffee, a small shop located at 13 South San Joaquin Street. 

Serving the Downtown Community

Red’s Coffee has been located downtown for about ten years and as downtown Stockton thrives and prospers, Red’s has done the same. Michael Brooking started Red’s Coffee because of his passion for the caffeinated beverage. “I fell in love with coffee when I was really young and I always wanted to have a coffee shop when I was about 18 or 19.” Eventually, that dream came true and Red’s has been serving the community ever since. 

What makes Red’s Coffee so special? Brooking explained what sets Red’s apart from other coffee shops. “I’m definitely a local coffee shop. I have a local roaster out in Vallejo and he’s been roasting for about 28 years, all organic, fair trade coffee. The coffee I have is always within ten days of being roasted. I rotate it fresh. I know how to pull a proper shot of espresso and I don’t do blended drinks. I’m not really a sugar shop.”  

Neighborhood Shop

“This is truly a neighborhood shop. I’m not a destination coffee shop. To come to my shop you have to work for it. That being said, every building around here, the county building, city hall. the court house, that’s who I’m working for.” Brooking knows his customers and he’s ready to serve them their coffee before they start their day. “I have new customers all the time, but I have a regular base and this is their home. It’s been a hangout for attorneys and judges for a long time. A lot of public defenders hang out here. It’s kind of a home and I know almost everyone.” 

And even with so many other places available for people to get their coffee, Brooking doesn’t see Red’s in competition with anyone. “The more the better. I don’t have a famine mentality. It’s great to have this community growing here. I’ve watched all these businesses come and I know there are more coming. Stockton is primed right now for a lot of good stuff.” 

So if you’re in the area and you need a bit of a caffeine boost, you should definitely pay a quick visit to Red’s Coffee. They are open Monday – Friday from 6 – 11 AM. It’s a unique part of downtown Stockton – you won’t find a place like it anywhere else.