Placemaking Award Program

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By Jessica Nguyen

Need Funds for a Downtown Project? Apply For Our New Placemaking Award Program!

If you want to bring a Downtown Stockton project to life but are a little short on funds, consider applying for our Placemaking Award Program! Discussions took place between the DSA Board of Directors last year about potentially creating a grant program, and this year, it’s going live! Courtney Wood, DSA’s Economic Development Director, shares that this program was created because, “businesses and events might need a little extra help to get going.” Examples of projects include (but are not limited to) organizing an educational and fun cultural event downtown, adding a small but charming outdoor patio to your restaurant, putting on rewarding workshops or seminars, and adding vivid art installations downtown.

How to Apply

Applications for the Placemaking Awards will be available on the DSA website starting February 1st, and the deadline to turn them in will be April 1st at 4pm. The applications are open rather than restrictive, because we want you to get creative! What would you like to bring to downtown that will attract more visitors? Pop up stores? Musical performances? A butterfly garden? A statue of Danny DeVito? (Okay, probably not that last one).


Along with the requirement that the project must take place in Downtown Stockton, there are several other criteria the Board of Directors will consider to determine whether or not you are eligible for a grant:

  1. Does your application demonstrate that you have a clear vision for your project?
  2. Does it seem like you will be able to complete the project within a certain timeframe?
  3. How much will the proposed program or project benefit the downtown community?
  4. How much revenue will the proposed program or project bring to downtown?
  5. How much enthusiasm do you have for your proposed project?

After review by the Board of Directors, final funding discussions will take place in May. On the 1st of June, the DSA will announce the grant recipients. Recipients will receive 50% of the funds upfront, while the other 50% will be in the form of a reimbursement, provided once the project has reached completion. Overall, you can apply for up to $10,000. The Placemaking Award Program has $20,000 of available funds in total.

Excitement for the Future

Courtney, who helped DSA Board Member Jared Rusten design the program, shared, “I’m looking forward to seeing all the creative ideas that people can bring downtown and seeing the DSA having a role in making this happen through the grant.” In addition, she’s excited to see how the community will respond to the implementation of new projects and the economic growth the projects will bring to downtown.

Don’t forget, you can start the application for the grant on February 1st! Start thinking of those ideas, we can’t wait to see them!