Papa Urb’s Grill

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By Andrew Rocha

One of the most important decisions to make when hanging out with friends is deciding where to go out to eat. Well, for anyone who is in the mood for “Something Small,” “Something Authentic,” or even “Something Different,” Papa Urb’s Grill is a great place to grab a bite!

Papa Urb’s Grill is a Filipino restaurant founded by the Urbano family in Tracy, California. Their second location here in Downtown Stockton on East Weber Avenue! The Stockton restaurant has been around for five years and is a part of what makes the district special and worth visiting.

What can someone expect when they walk into the restaurant?

Papa Urb’s makes authentic and delicious Filipino cuisine. Their menu organizes their dishes under categories like “Something Small”, “Something Different”, “Something with Rice”, “Something Authentic” and “Something Sweet”, so almost anyone can find something that will satisfy their appetite and hunger.

The Sisig Fries, fries topped with yams, sisig, and Urb sauce, are one of the best selling dishes, especially among new customers. For anyone who is on the go or needs a quick lunch, the Sisig Tostada, a salad blended in a tortilla bowl with sisig, apricot, and chipotle and Urb sauce, is also a popular choice.

What also makes Papa Urb’s so special is that everything is fresh and cooked to order. That might sound like there would be a long wait after ordering, but at Papa Urb’s, that is not the case! The food is brought to your table quickly by their staff, ensuring your speedy service. Papa Urb’s is a good place to stop by and eat for anyone who is so hungry that they can hardly wait to eat something tasty like the BBQ Pork Belly Sandwich, crispy and glazed pork belly with tomatoes, onions, and cabbage in a french roll.

There are also options for anyone with a sweet tooth! Try their Halo-Halo, which is sweet jellies and beans mixed with crushed ice, milk, and strawberries, topped with ube and mango ice cream. You could also try their Turron, a deep fried banana in egg roll wrapper, topped with chocolate and powdered sugar. And finally, Banana QTs, a deep fried banana dipped in waffle batter, topped with ube and mango ice cream and whipped cream.

Papa Urb’s Grill is just one business out of many that are making Downtown Stockton the place where people go for a fun or relaxing time!

“One of our main goals right now is to not only be successful but to bring success to downtown Stockton and cultivate this land that we already have.” shared Alex Urbano, one of the co-founders and owners of Papa Urb’s, “We’re trying to break down the barriers of people thinking that it’s not safe downtown or that there is nothing going on. We’re trying to use our food and our brand as a vessel to bring people downtown.”

With all that being said, why not come downtown and get some Sisig Fries or a BBQ Pork Belly Sandwich? Spend time with a group of friends and swing by Papa Urb’s Grill and enjoy the downtown community while having some great tasting quality food.