Kimberly Warmsley’s Therapeutic and Trauma Services

By Andrew Rocha

Self-care and mental health are highly important to living a happy and fulfilling life. No matter where you work or what you do, it is imperative that you take into consideration your mental and emotional well being. 

Kimberly Warmsley is in downtown Stockton to help those in emotional distress. Her business, Kimberly Warmsley’s Therapeutic and Trauma Services (KWTTS), is located at 31 North San Joaquin Street and provides a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to those seeking help and healing.


So what does Kimberley and KWTTS do to help those in need? “I am a licensed clinical therapist and I provide clinical services, like one-on-one individual counseling, group counseling, and to businesses [I provide services for] emotional distress, stress management, relaxation tactics and techniques, and team building dialogues. I do ‘lunch and learns’ where I go to hour meetings, so if you have a business training, we will provide a lunch and we will talk about whatever topic you would like us to explore with your team.”

In addition, “I also do a free service for the community called “Coffee with Kimberly”. So community members who may not have insurance… can come into the clinic to talk about any topic that they want to.” Kimberly Warmsley is a member of Stockton community who recognizes that there are people who genuinely need help and cannot be ignored. With KWTTS, she is offering a helping hand to anyone in distress, regardless of their background.

Why Downtown?

When asked why Kimberly chose the district for her business, her response was, “Downtown is centrally located. You have the bus routes that come from every element of the city, so that people who may not have cars can get here. The atmosphere, the vibe of downtown, being connected to other resources and agencies, to be able to work collaboratively, was important to me. I would not have it in any other area. Even if you look at the population of kids downtown. Downtown is home to a lot of schools, so I’d like to be available to the youth.”

Kimberly Warmsley and KWTTS wants to demonstrate that kindness and optimism will make a tremendous impact on downtown Stockton. She and many others have the same goal to make the community a better place to live and play, and as long as everyone plays their part and puts in the effort, downtown Stockton will never be the same. To learn more about Kimberly Warmsley and KWTTS, visit