The Freckled Moon

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By Andrew Rocha

Have you heard of the Freckled Moon? You might have seen them as a vendor at farmers markets and events like the Stockmarket, but now the Freckled Moon has a location in Downtown Stockton. The Freckled Moon is a shop that sells handmade artwork, dreamcatchers, and similar crafts created by a local collective of artists The shop is located at 219 East Weber Ave, owned and managed by a family of creatives.  

Marie Pease, the owner of The Freckled Moon, runs the shop with her daughters and started selling handmade crafts five years ago. Before having a physical location downtown, the Freckled Moon was popular at events with repeat customers frequently asking about if there was a physical location where they could shop or when Marie Pease would open a store. “This has always been our dream to have our own little shop. We do events and stuff like that, but we’ve always wanted to open our own shop where people can come and get unique items that they can’t get at the big box stores.” 

Why Downtown Stockton?

So why did a craft store like the Freckled Moon choose downtown Stockton? According to Marie Pease, a need for an expressive shop was felt, as well as a small but talented artistic community. “I knew that if I opened a shop I would want it to be here, because I know that there is not a lot of this here and I wanted to bring it to Stockton because I know that there are a lot of creative people here.” 

A lot of the art and crafts that are sold through the Freckled Moon are from artists and friends of Marie Pease and her family, as well as from artists from Sacramento. Now that they are located in downtown Stockton, local artist are encouraged to work with the Freckled Moon to not only share their work but also to make the downtown areas future brighter and beautiful. 

More Than Just Adding Aesthetic

Besides bringing a new aesthetic to downtown Stockton, Marie also runs the Freckled Moon to be an example to her daughters. “I’ve always wanted to teach my daughters that they don’t need anybody to help them, that they can do things on their own. I’m a product of that, being a single mom with four children. It doesn’t matter where you come from or your background, it matters how bad you want your dream and what you’re willing to do to make that obtainable. You don’t need other people to help you, you can do it yourself. So that was really a big drive for me.” 

They have only been open for a few weeks and the Freckled Moon has already been well received by the community. Hopefully with continued support, Marie Pease and the Freckled Moon will make a larger and larger impact on the community as time goes on. To learn more about the Freckled Moon, check out their website,