Country Night

Categorized Under: Dancing , Food , Music

Event Date: 1 Jun - 7:00 PM

Dancing with Rhonda
Starting June 1st… and every Tuesday after for all our country and dance lovers we have #dancingwithrhonda ([0]=AZWOD_Irmf2KmkyUuwimRcr9Yi96bmtRP3GnR5a0e26psbOGHbIdoRl0glHcnLLLoZZ6-yrb4nudsWWnuNFssApbYbLhYBGQLfDcophdc1fH4iI9fiv-fUBubbH1mzZZyHXE6wzu6miRcNngJcSWa-e2&__tn__=*NK*F ) …
Line Dancing 7-9pm
Food, Drink and Beer Specials 7-10pm


Janel Leigh Plaza
222 N. El Dorado St Stockton CA US