Downtown Stockton is the Place to be for Artists

By Andrew Rocha

Stockton is home to many talented artists who display their work throughout downtown, including the recent murals at the Deliberation Room.

The Deliberation Room is a restaurant and bar at 19 North California Street. It is perfect for anyone who wants to grab a bite to eat or drink with friends. Plus, by adding the murals, there is even stronger presence of artistic culture in the area! There are several amazing murals at the location. Each have a distinct style and tone, showcasing the gifted Stockton artists.

For more information on the Deliberation Room, check them out on Facebook.

1850 Collective

The owner of the building, Jacob Bengeruel, shared that the idea to have murals came to him while on a trip to New York City. “While there, I watched artists painting murals on Houston Street on our way to check out the Houston Bowery wall. Watching murals be painted was a unique experience that I really enjoyed. The Houston Bowery wall is an exhibit that rotates new murals every few months so that a new artists is showcased. I was so impressed by both that I wanted to bring the experience to Stockton.”

In order to bring the artistic experience to Stockton, Bengeruel contacted the 1850 Collective to put together a team of artists to create the murals at the Deliberation Room. The 1850 Collective is an organization made up of a variety of artists and creatives who are on a mission to promote the artistic side of Stockton! The murals are just one example of the talent that they help nurture. They are demonstrating how Downtown Stockton is a place that can inspire incredible beauty.

You can find more about the 1850 Collective on Facebook and Instagram.

Artists Spotlight

Two of the artists that have their work on display at the Deliberation Room are Jeremy Johnson and Derek Hough. Their piece is perfect for the spooky season of October. “I have always been drawn to incorporating nature or nature elements, into my work. I feel like Derek and I are fairly similar in that respect, which is why I think we were a good fit for the piece. For me personally, I get inspired by the use of color and illumination in a piece. Since one of our favorite times of year (October) was on its way, we thought we would go for a more eerie feel.” shared Johnson. “The idea behind our piece was to draw you in to the work, with some fun color choices but then give the viewer this uneasy feeling, with the creepy characters in the background and spooky trees making crazy faces in the foreground. Derek and I just wanted the viewers to wander into this piece and experience the mystery and oddity of this one moment in time and hopefully walk away feeling inspired by our wild imagination.”

To see more of their work, you can follow Jeremy Johnson on Facebook and Instagram, and Derek Hough can be found on Instagram.

Stockton’s Growing Art Scene

The murals are eye-catching with their vibrant colors and imaginative illustrations. One cannot help but stop and admire the time and the effort that was put in to creating such vivid works of art! They truly reflect the charm of Downtown Stockton and are a reminder that Stockton is a city with a growing artist community!

Promoting this talent, Stockton Arts Week is highlighting the art and culture that Stockton has fostered. Stockton Arts Week started last Friday, October 12th, and will continue until October 21st. Enjoy events like art walks, performances, workshops and more!

For more information on Stockton Arts Week, check out the Visit Stockton website at


More of the Murals Below