A Pitcher Perfect Beer Week in Downtown Stockton

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By Jessica Nguyen

Feeling thirsty? Downtown Stockton is a thriving community full of businesses teeming with diverse options to satiate your thirst. Name almost any type of beverage and we’ve got it- Tea? Smoothies? Coffee? Boba? BEER? Look no further than our local favorites!

Speaking of beer, we are amidst Stockton’s 8th annual Beer Week, a weeklong celebration of craft beer culture in various participating Stockton locations. From August 9th to the 18th, various breweries, bars and restaurants from the Channel Brewing Company to The Downtowner will be participating in this unBEERlievable annual event. It’s hard not to look forward to spending time with your buds while wallowing in the sounds of clinking glasses and conversation as the distinct scent of beer wafts into the air.  

How exactly did Beer Week start?

Robyn Cheshire, Visit Stockton’s Director of Marketing and Communications shares, “the idea was to try to bring craft brew to Stockton,” referring to craft beer’s near unavailability in Stockton years ago. Times have certainly changed, as she points out, “now we have great craft beer so it’s definitely evolved over the past couple years- there’s a beer culture we want to celebrate.” And celebrate we do- this year, there are over 20 locations participating in Beer Week throughout the city of Stockton doing tap takeovers, specials, beer and food pairings, and more! 

I know what you’re thinking- Downtown Stockton is LIT and you need to know where you can celebrate Stockton Beer Week there. Don’t worry, we got you⁠—below, we’ll be highlighting some Downtown Stockton Beer Week events so you’re in the know! For specific dates, visit our Events Calendar so you can easily mark them in your calendar (they’ll also be available at the bottom of this article)! Robyn also explained that Visit Stockton is “excited that Downtown businesses have always embraced Stockton Beer Week,” and that there are, “even more [participating Downtown businesses] this year than before,” so get ready to hit them all! Participating Downtown Stockton establishments include Cast Iron Trading Co., Channel Brewing Company, The DowntownerDeliberation Room, Empresso Coffeehouse, and Port City Bar N Grill

Cast Iron Trading Co.

Cast Iron Trading Co. is known for having trendy (and aesthetic) seasonal menu items and beverages. For Beer Week, they’re tapping a VERY special beer from a FAMED brewery: Pliny the Elder!  The Russian River Brewing Company who makes Pliny the Elder describes it as “well-balanced with malt, hops, and alcohol, slightly bitter with a fresh hop aroma of floral, citrus, and pine.” Cast Iron will also be hosting Gluten Free Brews & Bites Night, New Glory Brewing Night, and Kill the Kegs ($5 Pint Night). From gluten-free brews and treats from a local gluten-free baker to live music and special bites, what’s not to enjoy? 

Channel Brewing

Channel Brewing Company is a nano brewery and tap room, so you already know it fits perfectly into the Stockton Beer Week festivities! Known for delicious, unique beers and house pizza, Channel Brewing will host Succs & Suds, Beer Choir!, and an Adobo Loco Pop-Up. Participate in a succulent beer mug arrangement workshop, belt out some notes with the Beer Choir, and taste Stockton native Chef Rob’s delicious creations while sipping on beer specials. 

The Downtowner

The Downtowner specializes in comfort food with a healthy twist. For the entirety of Beer Week, they’ll have a special menu not only featuring High Water Brewing Beers, but also dishes that they’ve cooked with it such as Beer Ceviche and the Hop Burger! On the last day of Beer Week, the Downtowner is going out with a bang, hosting a Brewer’s Dinner complete with 5 courses, each paired with a beer. Seating is limited so reserve your spot ASAP.  

The Deliberation Room

 The 1920s Speakeasy vibes of The Deliberation Room make it a perfect addition to Stockton Beer Week.  Exclusively on August 16th, they’ll be featuring Stone Brewing beer on their menu. For only $25, you get an appetizer sampler, four Stone Brewing beer samples, and your choice of a full size beer in a Stone Brewing glass that you get to take home!   

Empresso Coffeehouse

The 222 N. El Dorado location of Empresso Coffeehouse will be hosting an Open Mic Extravaganza on August 15th at 7pm. Come perform a song and have a beer, or if you’re a little shy, have a beer and then perform a song! Local musician Seth Jacks and friends will be hosting and there will be beer specials all day long. All genres are welcome, so if that beer helps you invent a new genre, grab the mic and show what you’ve got! 

Now that you’re aware of the celebrations going on downtown, you’re ready to have a pitcher perfect Beer Week!  But here’s some advice before you head out: drink responsibly, and don’t drink past the pint of no return.

Cast Iron Trading Co.
Gluten Free Brews and Bites Night – Aug, 15th @ 5pm 
New Glory Brewing Night- Aug. 16th @ 5pm 
Kill the Kegs ($5 Pint Night)- Aug. 17th @ 5pm  

Channel Brewing Company
Succs & Suds- Aug. 15th @ 6pm 
Beer Choir!- Aug. 16th @ 7pm 
Adobo Loco Pop-Up- Aug. 17th @ 6pm 

The Downtowner 
High Water Brewing Menu- Aug 9th-17th all day 
Brewer’s Dinner- Aug. 17th @ 6pm, reservations only 

The Deliberation Room  
Stone Brewing Sampler- Aug. 16th @ 6pm 

Ports City Bar N Grill 
TBA- Check the Visit Stockton website at a later time!