2020: The year of the Library

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By Jordan Rosales

It may already be 2020, but 90’s nostalgia is at an all-time high and right now no other after school cartoon is remembered quite as fondly as Arthur. Arthur was always there to make us laugh and teach us valuable life lessons. Among the lessons on how to spell your name and how to be a friend, one of the most important things that Arthur taught us was that having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card! Luckily for us, there’s a fantastic library right here in Downtown Stockton and getting a library card is incredibly simple! All you need to do is walk into the Cesar Chavez branch with your ID. If your current address is different than the one listed on your ID simply bring something with your correct ID and if you are under 17 years old an adult needs to come with you to sign up.

Fun for Everyone!

Without a doubt, you will find traditional shelves of books on every subject imaginable at the Cesar Chavez Library, but you will also find that they offer fun programs and activities for the entire family! To view the programs simply go to the San Joaquin Library website at SSJCPL.org. From there you’ll want to click on the events calendar page in the dropdown menu labeled “programs.” Once you’re in the calendar, click limit by location and select the Cesar Chavez library! Just click go and you’re in!

The library offers multiple events almost every day of the month for every age range. Regular activities include free computer classes for seniors, genealogy helpers’ events for adults, teen SAT/ACT prep workshops, and preschool playtime/storytime for kids!

One upcoming program the library is especially excited to offer throughout the month of February is the Volunteer Income Tax Association (VITA) Free Tax Services offered every Tuesday from 10 am ‑ 7 pm. VITA helps people prepare for tax season! All you need to do is call them at (209) 483 – 4190 and book an appointment.

The library provides a wonderful sense of community through its many clubs: chess club, book club, coloring club, Lego club, and more! Not only that, but you are BOUND to make lasting family memories by attending one of their craft nights, where you can make things ranging from valentines to mugs! They also offer a bilingual storytime called Vamos A Leer. The best part of it is that all these programs are completely free with your library card!

The World at your Fingertips

While the staff at the Cesar Chavez Library would love to see you in person, they want to remind you that there a ton of online services they offer too. With just your library card, you have access to educational tools across the internet. Thousands of magazines await you with Flipster. You can stream critically acclaimed blockbusters like Lady Bird and Moonlight along with educational documentaries on Kanopy. Hoopla offers free e-books and free audio e-books perfect for long car rides like commutes and road trips. Tutor.com offers one on one chat to help kids with their homework in every subject all the way through their senior year of high school. Having a library card even grants you access to Rosetta Stone which will help you tackle that New Year’s resolution of learning a new language or prepare for a trip overseas.

If you thought libraries were a thing of the past, welcome to 2020. The Cesar Chavez library is so much more than a building with books – it offers community, education, and fun. So, if you’re ever bored and looking for something to do, just remember what your old pal Arthur said, “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!”