Location 07

San Joaquin County Courthouse


180 E. Weber Ave.

Stockton, Ca 95202


San Joaquin County has been home to four official courthouses –the first being built in 1854, the second in 1891, a third in 1964, and the current courthouse which was completed in 2017. Of the four, the most renowned was the second courthouse. In its day, it was considered the most beautiful courthouse in all of California. It was constructed in the Neoclassical style with a large grand entrance complete with local bricks and granite from nearby Placer County. The building contained all of the most recent technologies including utilizing a local gas well to provide heat and electricity without cost to the taxpayers. The building was very spacious with high ceilings and long hallways. To complement the space the floor was built with tiles imported from Belgium with mahogany and walnut woodwork.

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