Location 04

City Hall


425 N. El Dorado St.

Stockton, Ca 95202


City Hall was dedicated on December 3rd, 1926. Masonry, terra cotta, and marble, a richly coffered ceiling, and decorative bronze electroliers created an elegant first-floor lobby; in later years, beautiful painted murals  by local artist Greg Custodio were added. City Hall will be moving to a new location, so this historical building will be re-purposed.

On the north side of City Hall is a plaque commemorating Lindsay point. Thomas Lindsay built a tule hut of mud and thatch reeds on this site in 1844. It was the first structure to be built by a settler in what would eventually become the City of Stockton. Unfortunately, not long after, friends found that Lindsay had been murdered; he was later buried at the site.

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