Location 02

B&M Building


125 Bridge Pl.

Stockton, Ca 95202


The B&M Building was built on the site of the old Hotel Mexico, a hotel that was rumored to be the center for corrupt politicians and Confederate sympathizers. Originally named the Philadelphia House, this 1865 building was at first a three-story hotel facing Channel Street. Since then, it has been altered several times. In 1870, a two-story addition was constructed on the south end of the building, changing the entrance from Channel Street to Bridge Place. In 1909, the Bridge Street side acquired a third story and an entirely new façade. The Philadelphia house became the Breidenbach Hotel in 1912. in 1925, it was the Bridge & Mason house, later known as the B&M Bar or B&M Liquors. It is the second-oldest brick building in Downtown Stockton. The B&M got its current name in 1935 from the previous owners, Joseph Breidenbach and Alexander McDonald. The building has been home to many different businesses through the years.

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