DSA Staff


img_fargo_2015_000Cynthia Fargo, Chief Executive Officer
cfargo@downtownstockton.org, 209-888-8621




img_charisse_2015_000Charisse Lowry, Office Manager, CTA

clowry@downtownstockton.org, 209-888-8625

Charisse has been with the Alliance since 1998 when she joined the Hospitality Team. She brought with her a vast experience in customer service and office administration. As a member of the Downtown Hospitality Team, she provided information and support to the area businesses and visitors and gained an in-depth knowledge of Downtown Stockton. Currently working as an Office Manager, Charisse is responsible for office management and administrative support in all five service areas within the Alliance.

img_qualls2015_000Sylwia Lipiec-Qualls, Graphic & Communications Manager, CTA

squalls@downtownstockton.org, 209-888-8626

Sylwia holds a Master of Arts in English Language and Literature from the University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin, Poland. She has over 15 years experience working in marketing, communications, and graphic design. She has created promotional materials for corporate, political, and educational entities as well as small businesses and local artists. Currently she is responsible for design, layout and management of Downtown Stockton Alliance’s promotional materials and publications, website, as well as print and electronic communications. She also oversees downtown advertising and public arts programs.

img_emily_2015_000Emily Oestreicher, Special Events Manager

emily@downtownstockton.org, 209-888-8624

Emily was born and raised in the Central Valley but spent the last 9 years in Bay Area. After graduating with a BA in American History from UC Santa Cruz, she spent many years honing her skills as a Sales and Event Manager with Joie de Vivre Hospitality and then as the Director of Marketing and Events for the Disposable Film Festival. Most recently, Emily has been running her own event business in San Francisco and is also the Group and Event Manager for the Inn at the Presidio. Emily comes back to the Valley with a unique knowledge of the challenges facing Downtown Stockton along with a fresh perspective on how to reinvigorate it. As the DSA’s Events Coordinator, she will plan and oversee many special events and downtown promotional activities.

Shirley Griffith, Special Events Ambassador, CTA, sgriffith@downtownstockton.org
Manuel Laguna, Resident Historian Ambassador, CTA, mlaguna@downtownstockton.org
Johnny Palacios, Ambassador, CTA, jpalacios@downtownstockton.org

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