Episode 5

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Each episode features behind-the-scenes footage of entrepreneurs, events, community, and staff members in the downtown ecosystem. Our vlogs will explore living spaces, historic buildings, art, and other unique places in downtown. Join us as we discover the life and entertainment in downtown Stockton!

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Matt Amen.

Episode 5 is here! We met up with Matt Amen, Community Manager at Huddle x Launch Pad, and walked with him around downtown Stockton.

Matt lives downtown and wants to show you a few spots he frequents when he isn’t working at the historic Belding building.

After dropping off laundry at Riteway Cleaners, we grab some coffee at Trail Coffee Roasters before heading to our appointment at The Golden Rose Barbershop. You can watch full episodes now on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to get notified on every new episode of our vlog.

We show you behind the scenes video shoots and exploring various spaces in downtown in every episode of the vlog. We hope you check out the full episode on our YouTube channel!

Developed in May of 2021, we wanted to create a spontaneous, light-hearted video series that would showcase unique spaces in downtown Stockton. Hang out with local, University of the Pacific alumni Renee Icasiano, Ben Sanchez, and Jason Millner as they explore downtown.

We hope you look forward to this monthly series for 2021! Let us know what you think!

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Businesses featured this episode:

Trail Coffee Roasters

Golden Rose Barbershop

Shop DryCleaners

Riteway Cleaners